About Egypt

Considered the gift of the Nile as Herodotus describes, He’s one of the historian of the ancient Greece and a traveller. The images of the pyramids, Sphinx, the ancient Luxor and the River Nile always stuck in the imagination of many travellers who love ancient Egyptian civilization.

The Arab Republic of Egypt is a vast nation of the north-eastern Africa includes the Sinai Peninsula that makes Egypt also a part of Asia. The main inhabited part of the country extends to the sides of the Nile River that runs through the country before emptying into the Mediterranean Sea of Egypt.

Large areas are covered by the sands of the Sahara and are uninhabited.

The Capital of Egypt is Cairo, Egypt bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea to the east, south and west with the Sudan and Libya.
Egypt is one of the richest countries in history which has about 30% of the ancient monuments that exist in the world as well as those yet to be discovered under the sand dunes and houses built near the archaeological sites and under the fields around the Nile.

Full Name : Arab Republic of Egypt
Area : 1,001,450 sq. km
Population : 90 million in December 2015
Capital : Cairo (8,937,700 inhabitants, 15,892,400 inhabitants nell`area metro)
People : 99% Egyptian, Bedouin, 1% Nubians, Greeks, Armenians, Italians, French.
Language : Arabic (official language), English, French
Religion : 90% Muslim (mostly Sunni), 10% Christian (mostly Coptic)
Government : Presidential Republic
Governor : President

The long spring Egypt  extends from the half of September to late April: extremely mild climate and clear sky make this season of the country fascinating. In winter the temperature may sometimes go down sharply in the north. The summer is very humid, mitigated only by the rather dry climate.

The electric current is 220 volts

Custom now it becomes almost '' an obligation '', going to be a word in Arabic that you will learn quickly in Egypt, baksheesh, because all will ask to have it ; porters , taxi drivers , waiters and staff of nile cruise.

In the hotels in Egypt and during cruises on the Nile international cuisine are served in an excellent level . In restaurants you may have The occasion of the Arab tasty rice, veal, fish, accompanied by sauces and gravies of all kinds;  typically Arab cuisine in the area of ​​the oasis.

The local Egyptian products are many and different kinds, alabaster objects, copper, wood inlaid with mother of pearl, silver jewellery, gold -as the famous scroll -, fabrics and garments in excellent cotton, precious stones, spices, herbs, colored straw baskets are over paper drawings inspired by Egyptian history papyrus, rustic carpets and silk, terracotta figurines. Bargaining is part of the local life and some care in purchasing is still required as there is always some authenticity of product. The shops look quite elastic opening times. Closing day is on Friday, a Muslim holiday, but some stores are closed on Sundays.

The touristic cities in Egypt
Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Al Alamin, Marsa Matroh, Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel, Fayoum, Port Said, Ismailia, Suez, Hurghada, Sharm El Shiekh, Marsa Alam, Safaga, Al Qusier, Sinai, Noweibaa

Passport and visa
For trips to Egypt the passport must be valid for at least six months and have two free pages, or the identity card valid for expatriation and two passport photos,  For Schengen Countries entry visa must be granted upon arrival and the insertion of a stamp , but for Citizens of North Korea, South Korea, Republic of China, Japan, Singapore, Maldives, Nepal, Brunei. can get a visa from our consulates abroad OR upon their arrival to Egypt .


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